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HOLY SHIT! I'm back on NG.

2009-04-07 06:03:21 by eyelessPrisoner

DAAAAAAAMN. I haven't been on since 2007. Though I guess, 2007 was more of a water-testing experience. Posted a few crappy (then, they were awesome to me) songs, and got some very nice reviews. A few weeks later I simply forgot NG existed. But enter high-speed internet, and suddenly I'm back on the scene. Like a mean bean machine.

And now, I've got a few projects going: The Ginsu Knives Collective (me and a friend make ridiculous improv joke hip-hop, just because it's easy), Plague On Wheels (my noise project), and EXAYBACHAY (my noise-pop project, which will hopefully be off the ground soon). I'm also in the process of learning actionscript, and transferring my love of hilarious indie game design to Flash, and to NG at large.

Anyway, I'm a rambling man, so immashudafakupnow.

Peace Newgrounds, I'll be seeing you around.


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2009-04-07 06:54:30

i was gonna tell u rap sucks,but instead i realized i should just go get a fuckin life instead of bothering u

eyelessPrisoner responds:

It's funny when people miss the point.